Today’s Quordle: Today’s Quordle: Here are clues, answers for the word puzzle


Welcome to the daily Quordle feed, folks, Today we have some rather unusual words for the puzzle. Guessing the correct words will probably be difficult for most, except for vocabulary nerds. As always, we have tips to make your life easier. However, if you’re new to this four-word puzzle, here’s everything you need to know:

What is Quordle?

At its core, Quordle is a simple word game inspired by Wordle, the word game that became ultra-popular during the lockdown era. However, you have to find four words at a time instead of one, like in Wordle. The game was created by a group of unknown Wordle enthusiasts and can be considered as an advanced version of the famous game.

Like Wordle, Quordle also prioritizes simplicity while discouraging addiction, unlike other games that aim for maximum engagement. The complex game is available only on mobile and desktop browsers, without apps for iOS or Android. Unlike other money-hungry apps, Quordle requires no permissions and contains no ads.

How to play Quordle?

You start the game by following this link on your phone or desktop browser. Once on the Quordle website, you will see four grids with four slots each. Each location will have five blocks for a five letter word. Start by typing a five-letter word, which will appear in the first slot of the four grids. Letters present in any of the four correct words will be highlighted in yellow, while those in the correct positions will turn green.

Who will solve the Monegasque enigma?

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Like Wordle, you get six attempts to guess the correct answers. Once all four grids turn green, you win the game, otherwise you lose. If you fail to find the four correct words in six attempts, the game will display the correct answers on the screen.

What is today’s Quordle?

Today’s Quordle is very difficult. Three of the four words are rare. Here are the clues for today’s Quordle:

  • Words with C, P, A and W.
  • Words end with P, D, E and H.
  • None of the four words has a letter twice.
  • First word that sticks together
  • Second Word – Former World Reserve Currency
  • Third word – found in supermarkets
  • Fourth word – a shooting machine

The September 9 Quordle is:

That’s all we have in today’s Quordle stream. See you tomorrow with another complex Quordle.

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