Quordle #231: Check clues, answers for September 12 puzzle


Quordle is one of the newest and most fun games in town. It may feel complicated or confusing at first, but the rules are easy to learn, and once you understand Quordle, you’ll find it fun to play.

Quordle answer today

If you know its rules, you can play it easily. We’ve made it easier for you to quickly find the right answers by giving you some tips. If you can’t solve it, you can check out today’s Quordle answer provided at the end. Get ready for Quordle’s question and answer today.

Clues for September 12, Quordle #231

Quordle answers today consist of a single word with repeated letters, and the remaining three words don’t include any hidden hints. Moreover, the words for the Quordle answer are widespread today, and although they have uncommon letters, there is no absurd order of the letters.

• Today’s four words begin with S, O, V and B respectively and end with K, R, E and E.

• The clue for word 1 is that it has two vowels.

• The clue of the second word is that it is synonymous with further.

• 3rd word clue: the term can be used instead of poetry.

• Clue for word 4: It is a small piece of fabric, metal or plastic, that people wear over their clothes. It can be colored or have words and drawings.

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You can use these clues to find the Quordle answer today.

Quordle Answer today for September 12:

Spoiler alert! This section contains today’s Quordle answers for your convenience.

Quordle answers are today.

Word 1 : FLEE

Word 2: OTHER

word 3 : VERSE


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. What is Quordle?

A. You may have heard of Wordle, a game owned by The New York Times. Quordle is its most difficult variation; it can take a long time for people to have many answers and solve them.

Q. What if I can’t get the answer?

A. We always give the answers at the end. You can also skip to the end to find the answer.

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