Wordle Today: Wordle #454 September 16: Hints, answer to today’s word puzzle


The entertaining online puzzle game Wordle has become a global hit. Wordle launches a new challenge daily, which keeps the curiosity of puzzle lovers all over the world.

The New York Times owns Wordle, and the 5 letter word guessing game can be played online for free. Wordle offers a new word problem every day and asks players to guess the correct word in just six attempts.

The correct guess helps players maintain their winning streaks. As players start writing letters, the color of the box changes, suggesting good and bad attempts.

If the box turns green, it indicates that the correct letter was used in the correct position. A yellow box indicates the use of the correct alphabet in the wrong place. And a gray box indicates that the letter is not present in the correct word. Since there are only six attempts to complete a Wordle problem, players should play it carefully to avoid losing their winning streak.

The September 16 Wordle problem is an obscure word, making it difficult for players to guess correctly. Therefore, players can use hints and hints to find the correct answer to Wordle #454. Here are some tips for solving the September 16 Wordle issue:

• The correct word begins with the letter P.
• Wordle 454’s solution ends with the alphabet R.
• The September 16 Wordle problem has two different vowels.

Using these clues, players can guess the correct answer to the September 16 Wordle puzzle.

Now is the time to reveal the correct answer.

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The correct word to solve Wordle #454 is
PARRYi.e. a small sharp knife used to peel vegetables and fruits.

If players correctly solve two or more Wordle problems in a row, they receive a winning streak, which continues until participants fail to guess the correct word.


1). What is Wordle?

Wordle is a 5-letter guessing game where players must guess the correct word in six attempts.

2). Can Wordle be played for free?

Yes, you can play Wordle for free on the official New York Times website.

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