Wordle 457 Answer: Wordle #457: Clues, Answers for September 19 Puzzle


The world’s most popular word trivia game, WORDLE, is here today in the New York Times. 6 tries are what you get for guessing the word of the day. If so, good for you, because the goal is to try the quiz again tomorrow. You get a winning streak if you win three days in a row.

You can select a letter that you think is part of the word and position it to form the word you think is correct. Getting a green highlight means the letter you selected is perfect in selection and position. If you get a yellow highlight, it means you have a letter that is part of the word, but the position needs to be changed. If a letter is highlighted in gray or black, then the letter is completely off track, and you will need to delete the word you thought of and the letter. In other words, the word you thought was incorrect and you will have to reposition your letter to get the correct word.

Tired of waiting 24 hours for the next Wordle? Here are similar games you can play

Tired of waiting 24 hours for the next Wordle? Here are similar games you can play

With the rules explained, let’s move on to tips to help people trying this game find a winner.

Hint 1: The word starts with the letter T.
Hint 2: It ends with the letter E.
Hint 3: This is to mean “in an instant, or in a jiffy”.
Clue 4: sounds like a “number” when pronounced as an adverb

It is essential to know that WORDLE is an English word game, and those who have a strong vocabulary can try playing it. Those wishing to continue trying the word from the clues provided should not scroll further down.

The ANSWER for September 19 is


It was a tricky word. It means “in a moment”.

All the best for tomorrow; I hope the word will be easier. I am sure that many have not understood today’s word. Everything will be fine tomorrow; after all tomorrow is another day.


1. What do you call a person who loves vocabulary?

ANSWER: Lexophile

1. What do you call a person who likes to collect postage stamps?

ANSWER: Philatelist

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