New York Times Spelling Bee fanatics may have swapped their tried and tested word game for the popular free online game Wordle which has taken the word world by storm. But there is a vast collection of word game apps available for download on your iPhone and Android. Each hasRead More →

Some days it’s hard to understand the wordle word of the day in the allotted six tries, and sometimes help is needed. The daily puzzle game provides useful tools to its users to steer them in the right direction as they play using a color coding system: gray when theRead More →

Wordle burst onto the scene just a few months ago and it has already taken the entire internet by storm. However, the simple little pun also sparked a surprising amount of controversy. Here’s a quick explainer to catch up with Wordle and the associated drama. Wordle is a simple gameRead More →

January 23 — I am a certified genius. If you don’t believe me, just ask the New York Times. It’s true, the official newspaper of our country confirmed my talent. The proof: every time I reach a certain level on TNYT’s Spelling Bee game, a tab appears that says: “Genius!”Read More →