Quordle Today: Quordle #224: Check the clues and answers for the September 5 puzzle


After the popularity of Wordle, the developers created a challenging game named Quordle. Of all the games owned by The New York Times, the Quordle is the most difficult. The creators of Quordle have always sought to increase the difficulty level of the game by four times compared to that of Wordle. Game developers love to trick players by giving tricky words.

However, the chances of solving the word puzzle are quite limited. This is why it is useful to know the clues and clues. To make it easier for Quordle enthusiasts, we have listed some hints along with the solution to the game.

Each word is made up of five letters and all the rules of this game are similar to Wordle. In a guessing game like Wordle, a player must solve four words within a limited number of nine chances. However, since in Quordle a player has to solve four words, it sometimes seems a bit daunting.

Quordle 224 clues for September 5

No matter how difficult the Quordle is, solving it has become a vital part of most people’s lives; therefore, they need to see the clues and clues.

About Quordle 224, players must have heard at least three of the four words in today’s word puzzle; again, it’s a tough nut to crack. Quordle is more complicated than Wordle because in Quordle players have to decipher not one but four words, but the chances are limited. Thus, all players are warned to be very careful when making guesses. In order to reduce your stress and lighten the level of difficulty, we have mentioned some hints for today’s Quordle below.

Tips for Quordle 224 September 5

• Words for Quordle 224 begin with the letters S, Q, S and S.

• Words for Quordle 224 end with the letters R, L, H, and E.

• The clue for the first word of today’s Quordle is that it is a kind of renewable energy generally used to generate electricity.

• The first word also contains two vowels.

• The clue for the second word in Quordle 224 is that it is used to indicate the stopping of something, primarily by the use of force.

• The clue for Quordle’s third word for September 5, 2022 is that it stands for the expression calm.

• The fourth word in today’s Quordle is a word used as a synonym for portion.

That’s all we can provide. We hope that these tips will be enough to allow you to make the right choice. Also, we hope that by using these tips you can decipher the answer for Quordle 224 with a minimum of attempts. However, if all of these clues aren’t enough for you even then, don’t worry, as we have the answers in store for you as well.

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Quordle 224 Answers

We have already mentioned that today’s Quordle is a bit difficult, and you have to use your brain to the maximum to solve it. If despite everything you still can’t figure out the four words of today’s Quordle, then don’t worry because we have also mentioned the answer for Quordle 224 at the end of this article.

Spoiler alert: don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see the answers for today’s Quordle. If you have your last attempts left, see below to record your winning streak.

Answers for today’s Quordle September 5

• The first word in today’s Quordle is SOLAR.

• The second word in today’s Quordle is QUELL.

• The third word in today’s Quordle is SHUSH.

• The fourth word in today’s Quordle is SHARE.

If you have deciphered all these answers without seeing the solution; congratulations! Even if you answered today’s Quordle with the help of these solutions, kudos to you for salvaging your winning streak; come back tomorrow for more fun solving the Quordle.

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