Wordsmyth is an everyday word puzzle game available now for iOS and Android

Rose Design & Education Services has released a peaceful word puzzle called Wordsmyth on iOS and Android.

It’s a casual word puzzle game where you have to create as many words as possible from nine letters given to you each day. The game will tell you how many total words you can make and even disclose how many of each length there are.

If you think there can’t be that many possible words, believe me, you’re wrong. I logged on this morning to try it out and got a total of 179 words to compose from those nine letters. After an hour of playing, I had only reached 80.

If you get stuck, there is a hint system that fills in some blanks for you. It’s handy for those late-game moments when you really feel like you’re struggling to find new words among the same nine letters you’ve been looking at all day.

You have 24 hours to create as many words as possible before a new set of letters becomes available. So it’s a hands-on game to come back to every day and keep your brain active.

All against a backdrop of peaceful landscapes. You play the game against moving scenes that include flocking birds, swaying trees, and the setting sun when you find these words. It becomes more of a meditative experience than a stressful one, giving you a new experience every day.

You can download Wordsmyth from the iOS app store and Google Play store for Android now, where it’s a paid title that costs £2.99. There is also more information about the game found on the official site, including a development overview from Wordsmyth which is well worth reading.

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