Wordle Today: Wordle #486: Tips, October 18 word puzzle answer


The popularity of the famous word guessing puzzle game, Wordle, has increased. Thousands of puzzle lovers around the world solve Wordle puzzles daily. Wordle’s popularity is such that The New York Times bought it earlier this year. Wordle is a puzzle where players must guess the correct five-letter word in up to six attempts. If the players are successful, they maintain their winning streaks. On the other hand, failing to guess the correct word in six attempts can cause the winning streak to end.

Wordle is a collective experiment where everyone tries to guess the same word. However, on some days a Wordle problem can have two solutions, but such cases are rare. If you find the October 18 Wordle puzzle tricky, don’t risk ending your winning streak.

Here are some tips and clues you can use to ensure your winning streak is intact. The solution to the October 18 Wordle puzzle:

• It does not have a double letter.
• The correct word begins with the letter E.
• It has two of the four common consonants – S, T, R or N.

Word #486 response:

If you still can’t guess the correct word for today’s Wordle puzzle, here’s the answer to help you. The correct answer to the October 18 Wordle puzzle is EXIST.


1). Who owns the famous Wordle game?

The New York Times has purchased Wordle, the worldwide hit guessing game.

2). How many attempts do players get to solve a Wordle puzzle?

Players must solve a Wordle puzzle in six attempts.

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