Wordle Today: Wordle #477 October 9: Hints, Answer to Today’s Word Puzzle


Wordle can be a tricky but enjoyable game to play. Whether you’re a Wordle master or a newcomer, we all need hints sometimes, and here we provide you with today’s Wordle answer hints. Below you will find everything you need, along with some tips for understanding the Wordle puzzle.

Word #477

Solving this puzzle and arriving at the correct answer can be difficult. Although the information you get for solving Wordle is accurate, it is not necessarily useful because you have to find the correct letters in the correct order. What are the clues for Wordle #477 answer for today?

• Reply to Wordle 477 is a term used as an informal greeting.

• It is mainly associated and used in some specific places in United States of America.

• This phrase was used in a Pixar movie in which Tom Hanks voiced a toy that had a string pulled through its back.

What is the answer for Wordle 477?

If you haven’t found the answer yet,

the answer for today’s Wordle #477 is HELLO.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Wordle?

It is a web-based puzzle game published by The New York Times.

2. What are the tips for Wordle?

You can try using single consonants and vowels on your first try. On the second try, you will know which letters to avoid. There may also be repeated letters. Don’t put pressure on your mind as there is no deadline except to complete it before midnight.

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