Wordle Today: Wordle #465: Clues, Answer to September 27 Word Game


Wordle, an entertaining online puzzle, can be played on the New York Times website without paying any amount. Such games and puzzles help improve vocabulary and provide good fun sessions in a day to keep it alive as people try their best to guess the word. Discover the clues and answer Wordle #465.

How does Wordle work?

The online puzzle game features a new word every day and players have six chances to guess the answer. The game also has features that allow players to know if they are going in the right direction or not. The tiles change color to help players find the correct answer. For example, if you see a green letter, it means you put the right letter in the right place. A yellow letter means that the letter you put is in the wrong place, although it is in today’s Wordle answer. Also, getting a gray letter means that the letter you put is not in the answer.

Here we provide you with some tips and clues that you can use to arrive at today’s Wordle answer. See the clues for Wordle today.

What are Wordle’s answer clues for today?

• The word in the Wordle answer for today begins with the alphabet S and ends with Y.
• The Wordle today consists of a vowel.

Wordle answer for today September 27

If you still haven’t found the Wordle answer for today September 27, then don’t worry.

The answer to Wordle 465 today is

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Who owns Wordle?

Wordle is a web-based word game owned and published by The New York Times.

2. What happens if you get the correct word?

If you win the game with the correct answer continuously for a few days or more, you get a winning streak. Your winning streak increases each time you get the correct answer. However, if you don’t get the correct answer within six attempts, you lose the game and your streak is broken.

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