Wordle Today: Wordle #460 September 22: Hints, answer to today’s word puzzle


All daily Wordle players should keep in mind that the answer for today is not a difficult word and can be quickly determined using the proper clues, which is why we are here.

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Wordle puzzle players are tasked with completing it as quickly as possible with just a few guesses. Wordle game is definitely enjoyable if you like puzzles.

What are good starting words for Wordle?

Words that start with and consist of commonly used letters such as T, R, S, and N are good seed words for Wordle. Try to use as many vowels as possible. Therefore, words like TRAIN, STAIN, SPACE, and MOIST make good starting words.

What are the clues for Wordle#460 for September 22?

Find the solution by looking at the tips and clues below for Wordle #460 for September 22

• The word of the day starts with the letter ‘S’

• The word of the day ends with the letter ‘T’

• There are two vowels in the word of the day

• Both vowels are A & I

• No letter is repeated in the word of the day

• The word of the day is linked to a holy and religious person

What is the answer for Wordle answer #460 from Sep 22?

Are you still unable to predict the Wordle 460 solution? Well, don’t worry; We have what you need. In order to save you from missing out on the daily score, let us post the Wordle solution for you on Thursday.

The response to Wordle#460 of September 22 is:

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