Wordle Today: Wordle #425: Here are clues, answer for today’s word puzzle

It’s been almost a year now since Wordle came out. It has also been a global sensation and a favorite pastime for Twitter users for quite some time. What hasn’t stopped is people’s attachment to the game.

A lot has happened since Wordle was released last year. A number of similar games have appeared on app stores. Some have made their mark, while most have failed. Wordle went from being a simple pun to being bought by The New York Times. Many feared at the time that being owned by a big company probably meant the game was going to be monetized, but that hasn’t been the case so far. The transition has just seen many players lose their streaks, but Wordle, more or less, remains the same.

Another day means it’s time to find the answer for August 18 Wordle.

For those who haven’t been caught by the Wordle bug yet, it’s a word puzzle that requires players to solve a five-letter word in six attempts. There is a streak element to the game, meaning the number of days a player has gone without failing. And the sequence is exactly why you may have found your way to this article.

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A sequence is a source of pride and must be protected at all costs. Frankly, if you’re a regular user, you probably don’t need any help. But even then, every once in a while, a word pops up that we miss. Don’t worry, a little help won’t hurt. Rather, think of it as a nudge in the right direction.

Today’s word is tricky. We cannot deny it. Instead of just giving the answer, here are some clues that might help you figure it out yourself.

• No repetition of letters in the word. You really have your task cut out.
• There is only one vowel. Your favorite words with the most vowels probably won’t be much help today.
• One of the letters is common, and the others are quite rare when it comes to word formation.
• The word is defined as something that can be associated with an accent or an arc.

If you’re still having trouble guessing the answer, read on.

Solution for Today’s Wordle

The answer for Wordle #425 on Aug 18, 2022 is

Phewwww! It was tricky, even for us. From rare letters to their unusual order, the word has the potential to break player streaks.

If you want to brag about it and share it with your friends, go ahead. Remember to do it safely, in the form of a spoiler-free grille. And remember, no one needs to know you got help. Even the best sometimes need help. Maybe just throw in some wrong guesses to crush any foul play allegations.

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