Wordle Reply Today Feb 19 #245


Here is Wordle 245 that was released today, February 19, 2022, along with some clues to help you out if you get stuck!

Word puzzles have been around for a long time, with crosswords being one of the most popular, but there’s a simple yet challenging new game that’s got a lot of word fans hooked. Wordle is that game! The object of the game is simple: guess the five-letter word in six guesses, with no hints as to what the word is. The word can be anything in American English, which might sound tricky, but you’re given a few clues as you make your guesses.

The clues are in your guesses, as the boxes the letters are in will change to one of three colors, which you can see what they are and what they entail below:

Green – You have the right letter in the right place.
Yellow – You have the correct letter but it is in the wrong position.
Gray – The letter does not appear in the word at all.

How to play Wordle?

Knowing this, the initial guess will help you tremendously in the words you guess in the future, because the more letters you guess correctly, the faster you will solve the word. We recommend choosing words with mostly vowels as your initial guess to get a good understanding of the word.

Word tips today

We love giving hints to help you figure out what the word of the day is and today is no different! Here are the tips we have for Wordle 245.

Clue 1: Contains the letter W
Clue 2: It starts with the letter S
Clue 3: There are 1 vowels in this word

What is Wordle 245 answer today? (February 19, 2022)

The word today for Wordle 245 is SWILL

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