Wordle: How good are Alabamians at solving puzzles? The answer may surprise you



Turns out Alabamians are pretty good at solving word puzzles, at least when it comes to the super popular and super addictive online game, Wordle.

The game, which launched in October, has a fairly simple premise. A new puzzle is started each morning, giving players six tries to guess a new five-letter word. The goal is to guess the word in the fewest number of tries.

The game has nearly 3 million users, enough to catch the attention of The New York Times, which paid developer Josh Wardle “seven figures” to buy the game in January.

However, not all Wordle players are created equal.

Word game help website WordTips used data from Twitter to determine which states and cities were best at solving the daily puzzle.

How good is Alabama at solving Wordle?

On average, Americans needed 3.92 guesses to solve the daily puzzle.

At 3.65, North Dakota had the lowest average daily guess count to solve Wordle, according to WordTips. Next come Delaware (3.7), New Hampshire (3.73) and South Dakota (3.79). Alabama came in fifth on the list of states with the lowest number of average guesses (3.81).

The states that required the most estimates were Nebraska (4.22), Alaska (4.22), Nevada (4.13), Hawaii (4.12) and Wisconsin (4. 08).

Saint Paul is great

Here are the 10 cities with the best Wordle players based on the average number of daily guesses:

1. St. Paul, Minnesota – 3.51

2. Reading, Penn. – 3.56

3. Ann Arbor, Michigan – 3.59

4. Berkeley, CA – 3.61

5. Malden, Maine – 3.62

6. Tulsa, Oklahoma – 3.62

7. Richmond, Virginia – 3.63

8. Portsmouth, NH – 3.64

9. Waukesha, Wisc. – 3.64

10. Nashville, TN – 3.66

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