Wordle Clone Squabble turns the word puzzle game into a battle royale


Another clone of the popular word puzzle game Wordle has arrived, this time putting a battle royale-style twist on the viral word game.

Quarrela new wordle clone, gives the game a unique multiplayer twist that sets it apart from all other imitators with battle royale gameplay. wordle is a browser-based word puzzle title in which players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. As players make their guesses, the game confirms whether or not a guessed letter is in the word, and if so, whether it is in the location guessed by the player.

wordle spawned countless copycat games trying to capitalize on the viral success of the original. Unlike the original, many of these copycats are monetized, which has upset fans of the game with ads, microtransactions, and other similar features. Such imitators are despised by fans of Josh Wardle’s original creation, due to his mission to keep wordle free of charge or advertising. Some of the copies follow a similar creed to the original, however, and are ad-free and monetization-free and simply add a twist or theme to the game. This includes the wordle-inspired The Lord of the Ringsa the Lord of the Rings-version based on the game for Tolkien fans.


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One of the most recent wordle clone, Quarrel, puts a battle royale spin on the original game (via looper). Created by Ottomethe basic gameplay very similar to wordlehowever, there is one major distinction: Quarrel is a competitive multiplayer game where players have health bars and take damage while other players solve puzzles. Quarrel was quickly picked up by streamers, as a way to make the popular puzzle game more appealing to their audience.

In wordleplayers are encouraged, but not exactly prompted, to preserve their guesses, as the game tracks the number of tries it takes to solve the daily problem. wordle puzzle. Quarrelhowever, is a race in which players typically scribble the same five words as fast as they can to immediately learn which letters are in the target word, with a guess to find the answer. quarrelIt’s a fun and quick alternative, for those who want to add some extra puzzles to their day.

Describing a pun as a battle royale may seem strange, but QuarrelThe extremely fast gameplay of can certainly be compared to the competitive multiplayer typical of the Battle Royale genre. Part of the success of the original game is due to how players can use social media to share their scores. Although players can easily share their wordle mark without giving clues before, Quarreladding multiplayer adds a whole new competitive element to the game that increases the tension and pressure of puzzle solving.

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Source: Quarrel, Ottotome/Twitter (via Looper)

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