Word games – Letter to connect by Riken Thaker


Enjoy the best word connection puzzle game! Now download “Word Connect” for FREE to improve your vocabulary and train your brain. Find out the word by simply swiping or connecting the letters and win the game.

In “Word Connect” has a unique feature, you will get the meaning of each word by just tapping on that particular word.
• Simple and easy rules, swipe and connect letters to win a game!
• You can get the meaning of a word by just tapping on the word.
• Friendly user interface, multiple theme option and light background music for you!
• Replay previous levels at any time
• Easily get hints to clear your level
• Explore additional words to get additional rewards!
• 160+ chapters and each chapter has 5 challenging levels.
• 800+ levels without repetition, be a word master in our training!
• Additional mini-games with a different mode
Play offline! No Wi-Fi or Internet required
• No time limit, play anytime, anywhere!

How to play:
• Words can be connected vertically, horizontally, diagonally and even backwards.
• Simply swipe and drag your finger over the word to link it, earn coins and advance to next levels.
• Sometimes it is difficult to solve the word puzzle, so we can provide you some tips to solve this word puzzle easily.
Enjoy the fun and excitement of creating “Word Connect” word games.
DOWNLOAD and play now!

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