Word game: the five letter puzzle that is taking the internet by storm



The word game app that took off online was created by a UK software engineer for his partner.

Josh Wardle, a 2006 graduate from Royal Holloway University in London, created the app to play with his partner Palak Shah on the pandemic because he knew she loved puns.

After the guessing puzzle gained popularity in his family group WhatsApp, he decided to make it available to everyone in October 2021.

Josh Wardle / Wordle

This weekend, the number of players topped 300,000 after just 90 people playing the game on November 1.

The app limits players to a daily challenge where you have six attempts to guess the secret word – known as “Wordle”.

With each guess, the player is notified if any of the letters in your prediction are part of the answer.

How to play Wordle

Wordle is available to play online every day at a tailor-made site. It’s a very simple interface with six guesses for users to try and crack the code and guess what the word – or Wordle – of the day is.

Commenting on the growing popularity of the game, Mr. Wardle told the New York Times, “I think people kinda appreciate that there’s this stuff online that’s just fun. It doesn’t try to do anything fishy with your data or your eyes. It’s just a game that’s fun.

“It’s something that encourages you to spend three minutes a day, that’s all. Like, he doesn’t want more of your time than that.

Who created Wordle?

As mentioned above, the game was created by British software engineer Josh Wardle, who now lives in Brooklyn and has already created such blockbuster games at The Button and Place. Part of the joy of Wordle might be that it’s only available once a day, so it doesn’t take too long like other games made for the internet to try and get you hooked.

However, that hasn’t stopped other engineers from getting involved, with Katherine Peterson sharing an expanded version of the game that allows players to tackle an unlimited number of words on Twitter. When sharing the extended version, Peterson said, “My brother plays Wordle every day and he asked me to create a version for him that he could play more than once a day.”

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