Worcle Worlds Preview – A Fun Word Game

The breadth of the English language is quite incredible. The lexicon of the language is so vast, and there are so many things we can do to make writing interesting and fun. Lightwood Games, the developer of the upcoming Worcle Worlds game, takes a similar delight in designing games around the English language. In its latest puzzle title, players must use their knowledge of the language to solve puzzles and even battle opponents.

Here’s how it works: A group of letters line up in a circle around the player’s pointer. The player then receives letters to shoot into the circle. If the letter is drawn correctly and it creates a word, the letters will disappear and the circle will become less populated. The goal is to go as long as possible without running out of words to create.

The mode I played was pretty easy, as I only had to create three-letter words. However, according to the developers, the final game will include higher difficulties, where players must create words of four or more letters.

The developers are teaming up with a company to make their dictionary quite large. In fact, many of the words I completed were accidental, and I didn’t know what they meant. Interestingly, each time a player matches a word, the definition will appear on the screen. So if you happen to find a word you don’t recognize, you can take a look around to figure out what the new word means.

Besides the single player mode, the game will feature a battle mode. Similar to Tetris, each time you clear a row of letters, you add a bubble to the opponent’s row. Once the opponent’s row is completely filled, you win. Battle mode, while a little too easy on the mode I was playing on, is sure to be a pretty fun mode to play against an opponent – just like Tetris. The developers have also included online multiplayer in Worcle Worlds, so you don’t always need someone playing locally to get competitive play.

I came out of Worcle Worlds impressed. Personally, I tend to shy away from word games, but Worcle Worlds was quite fun to play, both solo and competitively.

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