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What is the word? 4 photos 1 word by LOTUM GmbH takes the world by storm; we received a text message via a friend mentioning this new app and how addictive it is. Some say it’s very similar to the game called ‘What’s the Word’ from RedSpell, we’ll let you decide on this one.

This game is indeed very simple, this puzzle game shows 4 pictures and a word below, each of the pictures has something in common and you have to guess which word is with the choice of letters provided.

This game is free both on Google Play and App Store so that iOS and Android users can have a little fun, you don’t need to register, there are no complicated rules, which means you install and then play. If you guess the words correctly you will unlock new levels as you go, relax and take your time to answer as there is no time limit on this game.

Suppose the four images include a watering can, rain, an ocean wave, and a glass with water in it; the obvious word would be WATER. If you solve the puzzles correctly you get coins, if you want to delete a letter it will cost you 90 coins, if you want to reveal a letter it will cost you 60 coins, you can buy more coins but in our mind it’s La cheated.

If you are playing 4 Pics 1 Word on Android or iOS devices, please tell us what you think of the game?

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