Today’s ‘Wordle’ Answer – How To Solve The Saturday March 19th Puzzle


Puzzle wordle continues to be a global hit but, as always, people may have a hard time guessing the answer today.

The game in which users must guess a five-letter word and are told if they have the correct letters by means of green and yellow grids, has exploded in popularity in a relatively short period of time.

In October 2021, the game created by Josh Wardle had only 90 users. As of January 2022, it had 300,000 daily users and is now said to have 45 million unique monthly users.

Talk to Time after selling the game to The New York Times for what is believed to be a seven-figure sum, Wardle explained that his intention when creating wordle was never about making money.

“The goal was to create a game that my partner would enjoy playing,” Wardle said.

“What’s interesting is that people ask me questions all the time about the monetization stuff. Like, ‘You could put ads on it, you could make bounty.’ And I don’t know, maybe I’m an idiot None of that really appeals to me I think because I started with the intention not to, it was easy to say no. If I had tried to make a viral game, I think it would be very different.”

Part of the fun of wordle is that each user can have their own strategy on how to guess the word, and can even change it every day.

Some may start by guessing a five-letter word with as many vowels as possible, while others may choose words with lots of commonly used consonants such as T, R, or S.

Wordle Tips and Hints for March 19

Today’s answer wordle will be revealed at the end of this article. However, Newsweek provided some tips to help you solve it yourself.

Tip #1 One thing that may put many people off is that one of the consonants in today’s word is used twice.

Tip #2 There are two vowels in today’s answer, which are the first and fourth letters.

Tip #3 A good starting word might be “groans” as this will reveal three correct letters, but not necessarily in the correct order.

Tip #4 Synonyms for the word today include “grant”, “allow”, “permit”, and “permit”.

Tip #5 Merriam Webster defines today’s word as “to make (something) possible” or “to take account of circumstances or contingencies”.

Wordle answer for March 19

The answer on March 19 wordle is “allow”

The word may have surprised some of you, especially since there are two Ls in it.

The following wordle puzzle will be available at 7 p.m. ET, during the daily update.

The answer for today’s March 19 Wordle.

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