Today’s ‘Wordle’ Answer – How To Solve #251, Friday February 25th Word Puzzle


the wordle The Friday, February 25 puzzle might trip you up due to its unusual combination of letters. To narrow things down a bit, Newsweek has prepared the following guide.

Unlike most games, wordle does not have a calculated difficulty curve. Its designer, Josh Wardle, curated a list of 2,500 daily puzzles before launching the website (that’s enough to last about seven years), but they’re not structured in any particular order.

Instead, the streak was completely randomized so that Wardle himself could play the game without having an unfair advantage. It makes sense, given that he originally designed the game as a way for him and his partner to pass the time during lockdown.

The randomness of wordle means that one day’s puzzle may be relatively difficult, while the next day may be quite easy. There is simply no rhyme or reason that dictates this.

As such, you sometimes get stumpers that totally come out of nowhere, causing a sudden, sharp spike in difficulty. Such is the case with wordle #251, which is considerably harder to guess than later entries have been.

Before breaking down this puzzle, it’s worth reflecting on the incredible popularity of Wardle’s game. It launched with only 90 active players in October 2021 and now attracts over a million users every day. It has also sparked a new craze for guessing games (inspiring in particular Dordle, Quordle, Worldle and math theme Nerdle) and was even acquired by The New York Times Company for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

The stratospheric growth in the number of users is illustrated by the graph below from Statista.


‘Wordle’ #251 Clues for February 25

The final answer for wordle #251 has been saved for the very end of this article. If you’d rather just have a little nudge in the right direction, these clues should help you figure it out for yourself.

  • Tip #1: wordle #251 has two repeating letters, meaning you only have to guess three characters for February 25.
  • Tip #2: One of these repeated letters is a vowel, filling the second and fourth tiles. Meanwhile, there is a consonant that fills the first and third tiles.
  • Tip #3: The new word of the day rhymes with “rigid”.
  • Tip #4: It stands for “Bright”, “Colorful” and “Vibrant”.
  • Tip #5: Merriam-Webster defines wordle #251 as an adjective meaning “very strong in color”. It can also be used to describe something that creates “a strong or clear impression on the senses”.

‘Wordle’ #251 Reply from February 25

The answer to wordle Issue 251 for Friday February 25 is “Vivid”. This could have gotten you in trouble, because “V” is probably not in your typical seed word and it’s easy to forget that character repetition is a possibility here.

wordle refreshes every 24 hours at 7 p.m. ET. While you wait for the next puzzle to appear, you might want to check out some alternative word games.

Wordle #251 Reply from February 25
The image shows the “Wordle” answer for February 25. “Wordle” #251 is “Vivid”.
The New York Times Company

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