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Wordle #480 is now available For starters, anyone can play the game. Those who are good at learning new words will enjoy it.

The game is easy and fun. The letter is highlighted in YELLOW If the word is not correct, a BLACK/GREY highlight will be given. Entrants will receive a BLACK/GREY highlight when the chosen letter is wrong or should be discarded.

Tired Instead of waiting 24 hours to receive the next one, Wordle? Here there are many similar games you can play

Tired Instead of waiting 24 hours for your next Wordle appointment? Here there are many similar games you can play

overall feeling

Designed for his wife, he is a software engineer. Wordle This daily word challenge has taken the internet by storm with millions of people around the world. Here there are other options.

master of words

The internet is full of puzzle lovers, and they know that this app was hosted on GitHub. Word MasterThis continues to give you a five-letter word each day. No Do not wait.

Hello Wordl

Even more flexible and challenging options are available Hello Wordl You can adjust the length of the words you want to guess using five to eleven letters.


Adversarial Wordle actively avoiding giving you the correct answer. Although this principle is also used in the development of Wordle, this one is a bit different. He will do his best not to give you an answer. Sometimes it can even change the word. You You can make endless efforts.

If it’s a great way to win the game by visiting this website every day and guessing the word through the clues. Next Three Words A streak is a winning streak. The player can try six times to guess the word. He can also scroll down to find the answer below.

Here are some clues for today’s word:

1. It starts with the letter “I”.

2. It ends with the letter “C”.

3. The word is usually associated with “pertaining to”.

4. There The word contains three vowels.

The answer is in the next sentence. Please do not scroll any further.

Wordle Answer for October 12: IONIC


How many seasons has “Mastermind India” had?

Answer: 5 seasons

Who is the host of “Mastermind India”?

Answer: Siddharth Basu

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