The fast pace makes Wordfix a scramble word race

Wordfix is ​​a relatively new game in the Windows Store where you receive a collection of letters and have to decipher them to reconstruct the word. Each game consists of five stages where you have to reconstruct three words per stage. You only have a few seconds to solve each word puzzle and you might be surprised at how difficult it is to recognize a scrambled four letter word.

Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Wordfix has modest and straightforward graphics and while the gameplay starts out easy, it stacks up nicely in difficulty as you start to rebuild words. The game manages to balance the difficulty of the game with a fast pace to provide a stimulating way to spend some free time.

Wordfix’s main menu gives you the option to jump into the game, access game settings, display a help screen, and report a technical issue to the developer. There are also options to access the game store and watch a gameplay demo. The Game Store offers you the opportunity to purchase game coins through in-app purchases that range in price from $ 1.29 to $ 9.99. Coins that are otherwise earned through gambling and can be used to purchase in-game tips.

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Settings with Wordfix include your usual suspects (volume / music levels, etc.) but also the ability to automatically place your letters or manually drag them into place. If you choose the automatic option, tap a letter to send it to the first open location in your reply box. You have to manually tap / drag a letter into place, which may take a little longer. Personally, I’m a bit slow on the drag, so the automatic option works better.

When you hit the play button, Wordfix doesn’t waste time jumping into things. The gameplay consists of five stages where you reconstruct three words per stage. Each of the three words in a step will be the same length and will not include plurals, place or person names, academic or obscure words, past tense, continuous present, or third person verbs.

You have thirty seconds to solve or reconstruct each word. To do this, tap one of the scrambled letters at the bottom of the screen. After you have solved the first three words, you move on to the next step and so on. Words not only increase in difficulty as you advance through the stages of the game, but they also increase in length.

If you hit a brick wall and completely draw a blank on where to start building the correct word, Wordfix offers three styles of clues. You can choose to reveal a consonant, a vowel, or the first letter of the word. The clues will cost you twenty gold coins – these coins are earned as you solve puzzle stages or collect through an in-app purchase.

Gameplay with Wordfix starts off pretty easily with words like glue, menu, and defense. However, the game does increase in difficulty well and the timer can look more like 10 seconds than 30. Overall, I can see which Windows 10 Mobile free title to choose when you need a little help. to pass time.

Download Wordfix from the Windows Store

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