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Do you like to challenge yourself with word games? There are a few good ones to play on PlayStation 4.

Playing a word game might not be the best way to use your PlayStation console, but sometimes challenging your brain with something different is a great way to unwind in the evening. You might be tired of shooting bad guys or collecting power-ups. Engaging your brain with a pun can be the perfect antidote. And while there aren’t many on PS4, there’s enough for word game fans to find something they love.

We’ve rounded up five of the best word games on PS4 here, all ready to put your vocabulary to the test.


Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered

Rather than being a simple play on words, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey combines wordplay with combat. Presented with a grid of letters, you will have to make words to hurt your opponent. The longer your word, the more powerful your attack will be.

It also contains RPG features, such as the ability to upgrade your gear, buy potions, and more. That means there’s a lot more to Letter Quest than just finding words, adding more longevity than your standard word game. It’s a really nice twist on the format, making it one of the best word games on PS4, suitable whether you’re a word lover or just looking for something a little different.

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Word Wheel by POWGI

The Wheel of Words by Powgi

POWGI has a lot of word-based games on PS4. There are word searches, word-based sudokus and more, but one of our favorites is wheel of the world. This challenges players to find as many words as possible from a nine-letter wheel. Each wheel has a letter in the middle, which must be used in every word you make. Other letters can only be used once.

Word Wheel by POWGI is a level based game. There are 100 levels in total, each with a unique wheel, with new words to find. This makes the word game a lot of fun, especially if you challenge yourself to find every word in every level. It also supports multiplayer play, challenging up to four players to see who can find the most words, for a healthy bit of competition. It might be simple, but sometimes that’s all it takes to create one of the best word games on PS4.


Like Letter Quest, spellspire combines fighting with spelling to create a fun mix that also challenges your vocabulary. spellspireis that each group of defeated enemies causes you to level up in the titular “Spellspire”; the higher you climb, the harder each encounter becomes. If you fail, it’s all the way down. So: how high can you climb?

Once again, spellspire challenges you to find words from a ten-letter grid. You can only use each letter once, and the longer your word, the more damage you will cause to your opponent. A bit of strategy may be involved here; if you found a ten-letter word, maybe you’d better save it for a tough enemy rather than use it on the weak grunt currently in front of you? We like titles that mix puns with other genres, and spellspire is one of the best.

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Boggle is an all-time classic when it comes to word games, and luckily the PS4 version is among the best. This is available as a standalone title or as part of the Hasbro Family Entertainment Pack: Super Edition, which also includes Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Monopoly and Battleship. But it’s just Boggle, the band’s pun, that interests us here. If you have never played, Boggle offers you 16 letter dice. Using the face-up letters, you’ll need to find as many words as possible, but you can only string together letters that are touching side-by-side or diagonally.

So, using the image above as an example, “hands” or “boxes” would be valid words, because all of those letters are touching in order. But “chopsticks” wouldn’t work because the N and D don’t touch. You score points based on the length of each word, and if you play with friends (which you can do locally or online), you’ll be rewarded for finding unique words no one else has. .


Here’s another all-time classic, perhaps the king of all puns. Strangely, however, Scrabble is not available to purchase from the UK PlayStation Store. You will need a North American account if you want to play Scrabble. If you can buy it, it’s worth it, especially if you like playing against others.

This digital version of Scrabble however, allows you to challenge the computer if you prefer solo play. As in the traditional board game, you are given seven letter tiles, and it’s up to you to make a word out of them. You will have to place it on the board, and each new word must touch or cross another. Each letter has its own score, so the rarer the letter, the more points you score. Kill him with these words including ‘Z’ or ‘X’!

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