The 7 best Windows 10 word games to play

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Word games are easily among the oldest forms of puzzles that mankind has become addicted to. They are not only great time killers, but they also help improve your vocabulary. Then there is also the exciting prospect of testing your skills on the world stage and against the best. In addition, the games are all completely free.

The most popular word games for Windows 10


AlphaJax xbox 2

Alphajax is clearly one of the best word games you can have on Windows 10. It’s a must-have for those who love words. It can be played on both PC and phone and can be played against anyone in the world. And in case you don’t like the idea of ​​playing with strangers, you can always invite your friends to test your word skills.



Wordament is another hugely popular global game and should appeal to die-hard word enthusiasts. Essentially an Xbox title that can also be played on phone and PC, Wordament offers a vastly expanded reach as you can take on thousands of gamers from all over the world in real time. That’s not all because you are competing on the same board and against everyone at the same time. No wonder Microsoft calls it a tournament of words given its vast reach.

Word search on the 3rd floor

Word search on the 3rd floor

As the name suggests, you’ll be looking for words that are already there, instead of making them up using given clues. There are 150 categories, four game modes and four difficulty levels that ensure there is a new game every time you play and none is repeated.

Word search

word search

This is another game where you will be looking for a particular word. The biggest advantage here is that the game can be played in multiple languages ​​such as German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Hangman Pro

executioner pro

This is a classic word game where you have time until the hanged man drawing is finished to guess both single words and sentences. Then there are plenty of word categories to choose from and you can play them in single or double mode. Surely a must for all addicts to crosswords, sudoku or the different varieties of hangman games.

4 pictures a word
4 images 1 word

Here is a game where you have four clues in pictures to guess the right word. The goal for you will be to reach level 325 without having used a single coin or with more than 1000 coins to sell. You can use the coins to reveal one of the correct letters or to remove the incorrect letters in your quest for the right word.

Word master

master of words

It is basically a word building game where you will be sharing your board with thousands of players around the world. The leaderboard is provided at the end of the game, so you know where you are or how much progress you need to make.

Login Word

word connection

It is a kind of word association puzzle where the first and the last word are already given. Your job will be to find those words that connect with the first and last words given. Plus, with 450 levels, words will never fail to start playing. Another unique aspect of the game is that new levels are added automatically and do not require updating the app for the same.

Swirl of words

swirl of words

Here you will have to decipher the six letter words. It is a time based game in which the player who deciphers the most words in each 2 minute round will have the highest point. You can play against yourself or against anyone in the world each turn.

Word Teaser – Challenging Word Game

word teaser

This is another fast paced game where you will have to find the correct word inside the grid. The time limit is only 90 seconds which means that the game can be a real challenge for your vocabulary skills. You can either hit on the correct word or create as many as possible that most closely match the target word. Words can be found on the grid in all possible directions – up, down, left, right, diagonal, etc. You can challenge yourself or play against anyone in the world. Then there is also the option to play with a word of your choice, which again can be chosen from an exhaustive list of categories.

Lexiqo: Word Puzzle


This is an interesting game where the game board tends to fill up on its own and the only way to prevent that from happening is to build your own words. The game tracks your progress and you can also compare your scores to others in the online leaderboard. The game also offers dictionaries in French and English.

Crossword More

Crossword More

The good old crossword puzzle game that will allow you to discover new words and deepen your general knowledge.

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