Wordle burst onto the scene just a few months ago and it has already taken the entire internet by storm. However, the simple little pun also sparked a surprising amount of controversy. Here’s a quick explainer to catch up with Wordle and the associated drama. Wordle is a simple gameRead More →

When cryptically colored squares began flooding Lau Chaak-ming’s social media feeds earlier this month, the 37-year-old linguistics professor paid no attention. But curiosity soon got the better of him, and it wasn’t long before Lau was waiting until midnight – when the daily puzzle gets refreshed – to play Wordle,Read More →

So, wordle sometime, huh? If you haven’t played the Daily Word Game, you need to. You get six tries to guess a five-letter word. Each guess tells you if you have a letter in the right place, a correct letter in the wrong place, or a wrong letter. Each guessRead More →