Search Word Games by Infinitous Games

Word Cross is a mix of crossword and word search – a fun and addictive new word game to train your brain!

Complete the crossword by making words connecting the letters in the circle below. Fun for all ages, from children to adults, girls and boys! The games can start off easy, but as you progress the puzzles get trickier. Test your vocabulary, spelling, and puzzle-solving skills at your own pace and exercise your brain in the process!

If you’re a word lover and enjoy solving anagrams and scrambled letters, then this is the word search game for brains like yours!

How to play:
– Slide the letters to find hidden words.
– Hidden words build the crossword by giving more clues.
– Shuffle the letters or use hints if you get stuck on a puzzle.

Game Features:
– FREE word game for all ages
– Many ways to play – fun and addictive
– Find the specific hidden words
– Build the crossword by giving more clues
– Starts easy but quickly becomes more difficult
– Use hints to help you when you get stuck
– Fun to play alone or with other family members
– Improve your vocabulary
– Exercise your brain and improve your spelling skills
– Thousands of brain levels
– The game does not drain your battery

Download it and enjoy it now!

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