Quordle: Today’s Quordle #195: August 7 Puzzle Clues and Answers


Today’s Quordle is out and you have to think on a lazy Sunday. The game of Quordle is quite difficult as players have to guess four words in nine attempts. It gets harder every day and players can’t use just one strategy to guess the words of the day. They should be more innovative!

For those who are seasoned players, today’s Quordle for August 7 might prove a bit hard to guess. For those who are new to the game, the advice given would prove useful and would allow this sequence to be launched! We suggest looking at these clues rather than guessing words at random.

Tips for today’s quordle #195 from August 7

Of the four words, two words have rare letters while two have repeated letters. Therefore, it would be helpful if you chose an uncommon word to start with.

  • The words of the day begin with the letters: K, N, S and G
  • The words of the day ended with the letters: E, Y, L and E
  • Hint for word #1: a dishonest man. This word is also used for jack in cards
  • Hint for word #2: a word most often used for people in need
  • Clue for word #3: the ability to effectively apply your knowledge and perform a particular job effectively
  • Clue for word #4: Used to cover and protect the hand often from cold or dirt

If the tips above didn’t help, here are the answers.

The answers for Quordle #195, August 7 are





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