Quordle Today: Quordle #267: Hints, answers for today’s word puzzle


Quordle requires players to find four words instead of just one, making it similar to Wordle on steroids. It’s really hard to master the game, let alone establish a winning streak. Thankfully Express Online is here to help with a new batch of spoiler-free information for Quordle 267 on October 18th. You’ll need Quordle #267, so good luck with that.

Players have nine trials in which they must find four different words. To succeed, you will need to focus on the color of the tiles, much like Wordle.

What are the clues for Quordle #267 from October 18

1. Words start with S, W, B and R
2. The first word includes a vowel.
3. The second word includes a vowel that appears twice.
4. The third and fourth words include two vowels
5. The first word signifies a predetermined amount of time you dedicate to anything
6. The second word denotes a rock and wood splitting tool made of a substance that tapers to a thin edge.
7. The third word refers to a brass instrument used for military communications that looks like a small trumpet but usually lacks valves and keys
8. The fourth word means to finish anything with care and pay attention to every detail

What are the answers for Quordle #267, October 18

  1. Stint
  2. Corner
  3. Bugle
  4. Rigor

Related FAQs

1. How many tries do Quordle players have?

Quordle players have nine tries.

2. How many words do players have to guess?

Players must guess 4 words.

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