Quordle Today: Quordle #256, October 7: Tips, Answers for Today’s Word Game


If the past few days have made you think that Quordle is sparing its players, then here’s the surprise. Quordle #256 came back with a banger, and today’s challenge won’t be easy.

In a way, Quordle #256 is a mixed bag. It’s not complicated. It’s also not super easy.

Word puzzle: Is it Raghuram Rajan’s flip-flop or the market’s flip-flop?

Word puzzle: Is it Rajan’s flip-flop or the market’s flip-flop?

The truth, for now, is that Rajan is focused on whether inflation as measured by the consumer price index stabilizes at 6% or lower.

Did you guess the answers to Quordle #256? If not, the hints and clues will help you find the right answers. Words may not be simple, but every word has its trick, and if you’re into puzzles, then Quordle #256 might be what you need.

Tips for today’s quordle:

  • The October 7 Word is a twisted mix. Two words contain unusual letters.
  • Two words have a strange arrangement.
  • There is no single rule for finding the correct answer, but eliminating methods might help.
  • The starting letter for Quordle 256 words is K, M, R, and Y.
  • The ending letters are K, M, R and Y.
  • The first word means to move quietly and smoothly.
  • The second word is a magical character from Jewish folklore. He is also known as a clay figure that can come to life.
  • The third is made from wood pulp, straws and fibrous materials. It is used in writing or painting.
  • The fourth word is a feeling of everything turning without control over balance.

Answers for today’s quordle


What is Quordle?
Quordle is a daily guessing game where players have to guess four words a day.

Is Quordle free?
Yes, Quordle is free.

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