Quordle Answers: Today’s Quordle #207: Knowing Clues, Answers for Crossword Puzzles

Today’s Quordle is out and we’ve found clues and answers. The well-known word puzzle game resets at midnight so players can start the next day decoding the words. Players must guess four words of the day simultaneously in nine attempts.

To earn points in the game, they must answer four words correctly in nine tries. Those who cannot accurately guess all four terms do not receive a score. Those who find today’s Quordle #207 difficult need not worry.

We will help you solve the puzzle by giving you hints. If the clues still don’t help, we’ll make sure the big one reveals the answers at the end.

In 2020, Quordle became more well-known as more people learned about it. It’s an addictive word game that allows players to earn points and learn new vocabulary regularly. The four words of the day are rarely linked. We provide daily tips and tricks to our users so they can continue their high score streak.

Tips for Quordle #207

  • Words of the day start with A, F, C and E
  • Words of the day end with T, N, K and R
  • Hint for word #1: a scarf or tie with wide ends
  • Hint for word #2: pretend
  • Hint for word #3: something teachers use at school to write on the board
  • Clue for word #4: Keenly interested or intensely wanting to do something
  • Word #1, Word #2 and Word #3 have two vowels

If you can still understand the words of the day, the big reveal is coming.

Answers for Quordle, August 19





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