Quordle #287 November 7: Hints, answers for today’s word puzzle


Even though word games seem simple to many players, Quordle likes to throw complicated sentences and trick its daily users. However, the app chose to provide easy guesses today. For this reason, Quordle players will have no trouble deciphering the four five-letter words today.

Users only have a limited chance of deciphering the answers and cannot keep guessing randomly. A few hints and clues might help solve today’s Quordle.

What are Quordle’s answer clues for today?

• Clue 1: word 1 starts with a D, word 2 with an S, word 3 with a G and word 4 with a C.

• Clue 2: Word endings – 1: H, 2: T, 3: E, 4: A.

• Clue 3: Word 1 – a thick, soft flour-liquid combination used to create bread or pastries.

• Clue 4: Word 2 – an activity based on physical effort and skill in which one player or team competes against another for recreation.

• Clue 5: Word 3 – fluidity and beauty of movement.

• Clue 6: Word 4 – (frequently used before a date) approximately.

What is the solution for Daily Quordle #287, updated November 7?

The solution to Quordle #287, published on November 7, 2022, can be found below:



What is Quordle?

Quordle is Wordle multiplied by four.

How is Quordle played?

Players predict five-letter words every day, and the game shows if you have the correct letters in the correct areas using green, yellow and gray squares.

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