Popular Word Games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Speech is fun, isn’t it? Especially, Scrabble where at some point it will make you question everything about your intellect. That’s the power of puns; they are easy and yet can be very frustrating if you lose. And, if you are a Windows user, then this list of best word games for Windows 10 of the Microsoft Store is designed to get you through those boring afternoons or even those train trips.

Believe it or not! If you’ve been like me keeping a word list on paper on hold while playing “Words with Friends” online and games as well. This list is exactly for you then.

Popular word games for Windows 10

One of the main reasons you find online word games so addicting is that you end up playing them in real time. Someone from the other side of the world, springing from a war of words. Here is a list of popular free word games for adults and kids available as a free download for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

  1. Word Connect
  2. Word Crossy
  3. Word Cookies – A Word Puzzle
  4. Word Search – Puzzles
  5. Simple word search
  6. Microsoft’s Ultimate Word Games
  7. Word leader
  8. Word search (free)
  9. Word and landscapes
  10. Word unscrabble for Minecraft.

1]Word Connect

Word connection from Microsoft Store is by far one of the most addicting word games available online. First of all, no Wi-Fi? No problem then. You can play Word Connect anytime and anywhere.

With over 1000 different levels, you won’t be bored anytime soon. No time limit and tons of words to choose from. You slide and build a word with the letters. And that’s how easy but mindful this game is.

Looking to expand your vocabulary? This is the game for you then.


Word Crossy

Crosswords, blankets and a hot cup of coffee; a heartwarming recipe that still works. Just like crossword puzzles and word search, you connect letters and build a word. Once you have completed a word, the puzzle continues. Each level has a number of puzzles to complete.

You would be surprised at how such a simple yet careful puzzle game can be. Get it from here for free.

3]Words Cookies

Word Cookies

A perfect puzzle that helps you kill your lazy afternoons or even if you like to get your full mode for word games. Word Cookies – A Word Puzzle is designed to innovate your vocabulary, exercise your concentration skills. Basically to make you the wise hermit among your friends.

Being a wise hermit is the new “Cool” now. Lots of levels to play and you don’t need wi-fi if you want to waste your time either. Download it here.

4]Word Search – Puzzles

Word Search - Puzzles

It is a simple and very clear design for users and also children. You can just find the words from the grid. Their game screen adapts to each device you use, and there are multiple levels to soar.

Now you can lift your feet and download it from here. Besides, it supports many different languages.

5]Single word search

Simple word search

Remember the lazy Sunday crossword in the newspaper? Now forget about the newspaper and just relax with the simple word search. You don’t even need to have an account, just download and start your word game saga.

It’s free to play and no in-app purchases either. Get it easily from Microsoft Store.

6]Microsoft Ultimate Word Games

Popular Word Games for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store

Look, I understand that switching between apps isn’t easy trying to get your fill of puns. So Microsoft fixed this problem. Microsoft Ultimate Word Games is a combined set of puzzle, crossword, and some other amazing word games.

You get amazing challenges daily and available for Xbox too. Just log in and start playing and sharing with your friends. You can also challenge your friends who are a blacksmith like you. Get it from here.

7]Head of words

Word leader

If you are looking for a word puzzle that you can easily spend hours with, then Word Chef is probably your go-to game. You get an endless list of levels and challenges with no time limit either. Just download it from here.

8]Word search

Word search

Everything you need to know about this wordy game can be found in the title itself. Words, Search, that’s all you need to get stuck in this game. Just download it from here and train your brain and vocabulary.

Just challenge them and find out what kind of blacksmith you are.

9]Word N Landscapes

Word N Landscapes

Do you like words that are mixed, scrambled and scrambled? Then Word and Landscapes is designed to grab your attention for a while.

One of the well-designed and deceptively challenging word games that make you want to soar, Word and Landscapes would be your ideal choice. Best of all, you can play it offline as well.

Download it for free at here.

10]Word Unscrabble for Minecraft

Word Decryption for Minecraft

I’m going to come to a sharp end with this game on my list. Because, being a crazy Minecraft fan myself, finding a game that adds words to it wins my list.

So if you love words and deciphering them and running around building blocks then Word Unscrabble for Minecraft is your game.

Download it for free on the Microsoft Store.

End note

Well, these are my best word games from the Microsoft Store. Simple, addicting and a total wordsmith’s best friend. Take your pick and spend all your free time stimulating your brain. Leave me your scores and levels in the comments below.

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