[New Game] Blackbar is a fascinating word puzzle set in a censorship-strewn dystopian future


Fans of dystopian tales in the vein of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451 will want to take note of a new arrival in Google Play. Blackbar is a word game that lets you decipher letters sent by a friend after they’ve been filtered by the insidious Communications Department. Things start to go wrong for your friend, but you will only be able to figure out what is going on if you fill in the blanks and move on to the next page.

The game is all black text on a white background – no images or anything. Each page will have one or more black bars censoring a word. Just type in the box and use the clues of the remaining text, fill it with the correct word. You quickly learn what kind of speech the Communication Department dislikes, which helps paint a picture of a truly depressing world. Negative emotions, bad language, and anything even a little controversial are all masked. You really have to get into the mind of the government censor to solve the puzzles. It’s like a very paranoid version of sci-fi madlibs.

The story in Blackbar becomes more and more interesting as it unfolds – the letters become more urgent and the plots more sinister. It’s not a typical game, but it’s something you have to experience. It can be purchased for $ 2.99 on Google Play. Just be careful not to ??!


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