Move around Wordle, Knotwords is the ultimate word puzzle

We all know the sensation Wordle was, but now there’s a new kid on the block. A new app developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger called Knotwords is set to take the place of this game. Knotwords is a new word puzzle game that adds a new twist to the crossword category.

Over the past two months, Wordle has been luring people into word puzzles, and there have been lots of different versions of the same formula. There was a game where you guessed the name of a song using Wordle style of play. Heck, people were even able to get Wordle to work on Gameboy consoles. However, its popularity seems to be declining and other hot word puzzles are starting to get noticed.

The next hotshot word puzzle game is called Knotwords

Knotwords is a game developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger and published by Noodle Cake. Just like wordle, you get a daily puzzle to solve. When you start a level, you are given a small section of a crossword puzzle; one that would match only a handful of words.

Some squares will have a random assortment of letters in the top left corner. When you press a square, a 4×4 section of the board will be highlighted. These random letters will go into this section, and it’s up to you how these letters should be arranged.

You don’t have any hints at the start, so you’ll have to place a few random letters to start. Highlighted sections are always 4×4 squares, so you won’t be guessing whole words all at once. As you place more letters, you will begin to form words. Just like with traditional crossword puzzles, when you start placing letters, you actually start putting other words together without even trying.

This game is free to download for Google Play Store, iOS App Store, Mac and Windows PC today. However, there is a membership you can join. This membership will grant you an extra puzzle each day and double the number of hints you get. It costs $4.99/year, but if you don’t want to worry about recurring payments, you can pay $11.99 once and get it forever.

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