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Are you sick of hearing about Wordle? I am — and I really play it!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Wordle is an online word game where you have six chances to guess the five-letter word of the day by entering letters, which then turn black , yellow or green to indicate, respectively, if these letters are not in the word at all, are in the word but in the wrong place or are in the word in the right place.

The Wordle craze – and “craze” is an understatement – has spawned numerous counterfeit games with various innovations. For example, there is Quordle, in which a person’s word is entered into four game boards at once, and a person has a total of nine chances to figure out all four words. And then there’s Octordle, in which – you guessed it – one person has to work on eight boards at once (with 13 guesses in total).

And if you want a silly game where no skill is involved, you can play Letterle, where the puzzle consists of a single letter, and your job is to guess that letter. Here the word “guess” is quite relevant.

For many people, one of the main attractions of Wordle, which was created by a regular Joe and then bought by The New York Times, is that a person can share their success online with friends. It’s not a draw at all for me; I just like games and I play them for me.

I suspect one of the other appeals of Wordle is that it’s hugely popular and people tend to jump on the bandwagon.

I started playing Wordle not because it’s popular, but because it’s a fun and somewhat challenging word game – and I’ve enjoyed adding it to my repertoire of other word games. . Yes, I’ve been playing other online word games for years. What amazes me is how Wordle has taken the internet by storm as if before there had been a dearth of interesting, fun and challenging word games. The fact is that there are many addictive and challenging online word games that are free and do not require any login account.

For example, what better place to find a good word game than a dictionary site? For a variety of quick multiple-choice word games, head over to merriam-webster.com. On the day I wrote this, for example, you could play a game in which you look at a picture and identify the word that describes it, play two different games that test your knowledge of difficult words, play a game that test your knowledge of eponyms (my knowledge is apparently insufficient) and play a game in which you identify the names of dog breeds from pictures of the dogs.

At the end of each game, you can check how your score compares to others in your age group. And for those of you who care about those things, it also looks like you can share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

I also occasionally play DKM games online. The site offers a variety of different types of games, including 13 word games.

I’m sure there are tons of other online word games that are also free and don’t require any login account. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you. Popularity and sharing features are completely irrelevant.

The only important thing is that they appeal to logophiles (a word found on merriam-webster.com).

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