HQ Trivia has a new word puzzle game, coming next month

HQ Anecdotes gets bigger, Tuesday announcement that he will debut on the HQ Words hidden phrase show in October.

The new show will be the first full spin-off from HQ Trivia, which over the past few months has been experimenting with sports, tech and film quiz nights on its iOS and Android apps.

“We try to branch out a bit, and that’s where my skills come in. My favorite part about my job here is that your imagination runs wild when you watch what we do and apply that to. any idea, ”HQ CEO Colin Kroll told Digiday, who previously reported on the expansion.

The game plays out a bit like a hangman’s trick. Players will see an empty sentence with a clue and guess letters to earn points. You get three strikes per match, and whoever earns the most points wins the match prize.

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We test Scott Rogowsky, host of HQ Trivia


While internet favorite Scott Rogowsky continues to be the main host of HQ Trivia, with alternate talent in rotation, HQ Words is currently in the process of launching its own host.

“With this new game, I think there is an opportunity to introduce a new kind of talent, a different vibe,” head office creative director Rus Yusupov told Digiday. Kroll and Yusupov’s company is also exploring other game concepts to potentially develop in the future.

The company apparently does banking. Digiday reports that sponsored games, in-app purchases and merchandise from HQ Trivia generated $ 10 million in revenue.

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