Gubbins is a colorful word puzzle that will continue in the coming days


Gubbins is kind of like SolitairemeetsScrabble. This word puzzle game is unique with beautiful characters. Good art style looks great, and the background is the same as the background music. This game has different gameplay from some normal word games. There are gubbins, which can either help you or spoil you. The developer described the environment as a “roguelike environment”, a peculiar idea. When it comes to a rogue pun, it may be worth reading more details.

A word game with lots of art and music.

The game features a fun puzzle. And the goofy characters are just a bonus. In the game, you find and collect 25 unique Gubbins as you use letters from your drawing pack to create the best words. I find it too funny to put funny characters in the game. In addition to that, they should not only appear, but also play an important role in the game. Each Gubbin has special skills and different types of variables that could help to solve puzzles.

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When you talk to the developer, this game is made by Melbourne-based developer Studio Folly. It was founded in 2020 by Jessica Shipard and Darcy Smith. However, there was also music composed by Katarzyna Wiktorski, an amazing pianist. You can see the trailer above and hear the music yourself!

Gubbins is coming out this year on iOS. There is no doubt that this game’s art style and fun puzzle experience has reflected throughout the game. You can also check the games official website for more updates.

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