Fun collecting game by Word Puzzle Games Limited

Want to relax your mind? The game starts off easy but gets harder and harder. You can play over 12,000 fun word levels and find over 200 engaging collectible cards.
Sometimes the game will get tough, don’t forget to use your spelling and vocabulary to beat it! (Don’t forget about card skills! Every time you complete a card game you will get a permanent card skill or special rewards!)
Unlike crossword, word search, scrabble or mind puzzles, we will bring you unexpected game experience with creative thinking and classic word puzzle.

How to play:
Drag the letters to form words.
Complete each block to beat the level.
Collect hidden cards when you complete specific answers.
Feel free to mix letters or use clues, you will get so many rewards in the game!

TONS OF WORDS: Solve puzzles with over 80,000 words supported!
CRAFT LEVELS: Explore over 6,000 epic board game-style levels!
DAILY PUZZLES: 3 NEW puzzles with increasing difficulty every day!
DAILY BONUSES: Log in every day to claim your daily bonuses!
CARD COLLECTION: Collect over 200 beautifully designed cards and unlock powerful perks!
OFFLINE MODE: play online or offline, anywhere and anytime!
FREE FOR ALL: Nothing is behind the paywall! Please enjoy our free word game for iphone and ipad!

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