Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble for Kids


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Keep the kids entertained this holiday season with this easy and free Christmas word scramble printable which includes an answer key.

It’s a perfect holiday activity to keep the little ones busy while cooking Christmas dinner or wrapping presents. Moreover, this festive word scramble game is educational and a good brain exercise for your kids. This will help them improve their problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and vocabulary. It’s a fun challenge for them to try to solve these word puzzles! Let your children play this in a Christmas, in class or just at home, they will have a great time playing this fun word game. It is perfect for children of all ages and can be played in groups or individually.

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What’s included?

A printable word scramble game with an answer key. It is available for download in two available formats: PNG and PDF.

Please note that these free printables are intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY and NOT for commercial use.

Supplies needed

  • Free Printable Christmas Word Scramble Game
  • 65 lb white card stock (recommended)
    • You can use regular printer paper, but the quality will be better on card stock and it will be more durable.
  • writing utensils like pencils, pens, markers or even crayons

christmas word scramble game

How to Download Printable Christmas Word Scramble

    1. To download PNG files or PDF files by clicking on the link(s) above. You may print as many copies as you wish as long as it is for personal use.
    2. For the PDF, click the download button in the toolbar at the bottom center of the page. The button is on the far right of the toolbar.
    3. For PNG, right click on the image and select “save as”.
    4. Save files in the folder you want.
    5. Open PNG file in your photo viewer or open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or other PDF reader software.

How to print the models

    1. Load card stock or printer paper in your printer’s paper tray.
    2. Find it Paper Settings option. The location varies depending on your operating system (either under Properties (PC) or Presets (iOS)). This will allow you to select different media types that your printer can handle.
      1. Go to Paper Type -> Cardstock.
    3. Go to File -> Print. Open your printer settings or printing preferences. Print settings vary depending on your printer, but make sure the print quality is set to “Best” setting before printing.
    4. If you are printing with Adobe Acrobat, select “Adjust” from the printer settings.
    5. If you would like to print an image version of the files via Preview or similar photo viewing software, set it to “Scale to Fit” (this should be the default option).


What is a Word Scramble game?

It is a word puzzle and is similar to an anagram. There is a set of letters that are randomly ordered, and the goal is to unscramble the letters to make the correct word. See below for detailed instructions on how to play this fun puzzle game!

How to play Christmas Word Scramble

As mentioned earlier, the words on the left of the printable are scrambled in the wrong order. You have to find the correct word by rearranging the vowels and consonants until you find the correct order for the letters. You can do this in your head or by writing down your guesses until they match the letters used and the length of the characters. Since these are holiday words, it would be helpful to think of Christmas-themed words as you go through the list to narrow down the word choices.

Once you find the correct word, write it in the blank space provided next to each scrambled word. Once you have deciphered all the words or need a little extra help finding the answer, you can check the included answer key.

free printable christmas word scramble for kids

Included words

This Christmas word puzzle includes 11 different holiday-themed words for your child to decipher.

  • bells
  • Candy
  • Present
  • Tree
  • Elf
  • Cookies
  • Stalactite
  • In a good mood
  • Glacial
  • tinsel
  • Angel

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