five other great free word games

So, wordle sometime, huh?

If you haven’t played the Daily Word Game, you need to. You get six tries to guess a five-letter word. Each guess tells you if you have a letter in the right place, a correct letter in the wrong place, or a wrong letter.

Each guess is Assumed to bring you closer, except back when the word was “Knoll” and everyone on the internet lost the collective mind.

But I digress. The worst thing about Wordle (which in itself is perfection) is that you can only play it once a day! How are we all supposed to fill the remaining 23 hours and 55 minutes? ! Here are some fun Wordle-like options to get rid of that itch.

Word Archive

Once you are addicted to Wordle, your first stop should be the Word Archivewhich is maintained not by Wordle’s creator, Josh Wardle, but by another benevolent soul, Devang Thankkar.

It’s Wordle, except you can keep playing it. You’ll get Yesterday’s Puzzle every time you load it up, but the only way to fly is the Randomize button, which puts you right in the middle of a Wordle from Long Ago.


It’s once a day, like Wordle, except for naughty words. And let me tell you: only think of naughty words instead of all words is actually a bit more difficult.

But it’s obscene for you. It’s a shameless Wordle clone that, to its credit, goes out of its way to educate you and direct you to the actual Wordle site.

It also helpfully (?) turns your winning word into a Google compatible link in case you want to know more about it.


OK, listen to me. Online language may look, feel and play like a Flash game from the 90s, but there’s where it counts.

Imagine Wordle, except . . . possible words can be five or six letters, you get the first letter for free (plus another random one if you play the six-letter version), you only get five guesses, you’re allowed to guess words that don’t make sense – and when you guess wrongly, the corresponding keys aren’t grayed out on the keyboard.

Oh, and you can play as many times as you want. Apparently he was a game show!

master of words

So you have passed Wordle. You have memorized Wordle Archive. Lewdle doesn’t interest you. The jargon is too confusing. can i interest you master of words?

It’s a Wordle clone through and through, except with a gorgeous “Replay” button that loads new puzzles, prompting you each time you solve one to try your hand at another.

It also has three difficulty levels – easy, normal, and hard – for Wordle’s normal and hard modes. Easy lets you guess any combination of letters, even if it doesn’t make sense; normal requires you to guess valid words; and hard forces your next guess to use only the indices from the previous guesses.

Free Daily Crosswords

Let your hair down and print – yes, print – a crossword puzzle on paper, which you’ll then have to do by hand using a pen or pencil.

One of my all time favorite sites (and I’m not that old) is Free Daily Crosswordsthat pretty much looks like it looks: an archive of free, printable daily crossword puzzles.

The puzzles themselves look like Goldilocks – neither too difficult nor too easy – and open as well-formatted, standard PDF files.

If you’re ready to print stuff like this, here’s a tip: you can use an Apple Pencil-enabled iPad to open a puzzle in Safari, share it to the Books app, then turn on the notes feature to fill in the squares with your stylus.

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