Do you like to play word games? Try this challenge to test your vocabulary skills


There are different word games like vocabulary pictionary, word association game, crossword, word search games, word scramble and scrabble. These games improve players’ overall spelling skills and more.

Should we think before using ‘then’ and ‘that’?

Rhyming words, homonyms and homophones often increase people’s dilemma as to the proper use of these words. For example, words like rude and course; bear and nude; dessert and dessert; adapt and adopt; etc…

Similar words like accept, expect, except and aspect often confuse people, and this was addressed by Google. When Instagram users were challenged by the AI ​​giant to make a sentence using these four words; they gave answers worth reading.

Read their responses below:

Advantages of word games:

These games increase language fluency as they allow players to learn new vocabulary that they might otherwise never know. It also improves communication skills.

Children also love these games and they are used as an icebreaker activity during formal meetings. These games promote social interaction and group discussion.

All those mind-challenging games keep it active. Numerous studies suggest that engaging in mentally stimulating activities is associated with better cognitive function and may help reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Improved vocabulary allows a person to easily organize and express their thoughts and voice their opinions, as well as to interpret and understand what others are saying.

While playing such word games, you are completely immersed in letters and words, so there are no more thoughts and especially negative thoughts, so it helps to escape from one’s problems for the time being. This could actively help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

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