Did you finish your Wordle today? Try these other word games


Wordle gives you one puzzle a day, but other word games allow you to play as many as you want.

Power language

wordle has taken over social media. You can’t open Twitter or Facebook without seeing someone post a set of grey, yellow and green blocks, a meme about the game, or debating the best starting word.

Wordle asks players to find a five-letter word in six guesses or less. After each guess, the game displays gray blocks for the wrong letters, yellow blocks for the right letters in the wrong place, and green blocks for the letters in the right space. It’s addictive, but after solving the daily puzzle or using all your guesses, you have to wait 24 hours to play again.

Here are eight more word-based games to play while waiting for your next Wordle.

master of words

This word redo gives you six tries to guess a five-letter word, but with a slight tweak. Word Master uses grey, yellow and green blocks in the same way as the original. How is it different from Wordle? Word Master offers unlimited games so you don’t have to wait 24 hours.

You can play master of words on any web browser.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl – another Wordle redo – gives you six tries to guess a word and uses the same color blocks to track your progress. In addition to unlimited games, Hello Wordl also lets you change the number of letters in the word you guess. Guess a four-letter word or use the in-game slider to go up to an 11-letter word. However, you always have six chances to guess, regardless of the length of a word.

You can play Hello Wordl on any web browser.


Absurdle presents itself as the “contradictory version” of Wordle. While Wordle nudges you in the right direction with every guess, Absurdle “actively tries to avoid giving you the answer,” according to the game’s website. don’t choose a word at the start of the game for the player to guess. Instead, it uses player guesses to whittle down its word list in an effort to make the game last as long as possible. The last word might not even include a yellow letter from any of your previous guesses either. You can guess as many times as you want which is helpful, and the highest score you can get is four guesses. Enjoy!

You can play Absurd on any web browser.

Words between friends

Words between friends

Words With Friends is a classic, and it’s still a popular word game.


What kind of pun list would it be without this classic? Words With Friends plays like a virtual Scrabble game and is still popular over a decade after its initial launch. You and your opponent, another person or the computer, get letters and make words on the board for points and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

You can download Words With Friends from the App store, play store or play in any Web browser.

word forward

Word Forward is like Boggle but with power-ups and tools to help you out. You play on a 5×5 letter board and try to make words out of those letters. When you compose a word, the letters used disappear. You continue until you clear the array. If you get stuck, you can use your power-ups and tools to eliminate certain letters or shuffle the board to replace letters with new ones.

You can buy Word Forward at Apple App Store, the Google Play Store Where To smoke.



Wordscapes gives players letters and asks them to complete a crossword puzzle with those letters.

Screenshot/Google Play

Wordscapes is a mix between Boggle and a crossword game. You are given a bank of letters at the bottom of your screen and there is a crossword puzzle at the top. You make words with the letters from your bank and fill in the crosswords with them. Once you complete the puzzle, you are rewarded with a beautiful landscape image.

You can download Wordscapes from the App store or the play store.

kitty letter

Kitty Letter is a pun from the creators behind Oatmeal and Explosive kittens. In the game, you decipher letters to form words which then turn into armies of cats. What do cats do? They attack the player or computer you are playing against and defend your home. It’s an absurd tower defense game where your words create legions of cats ready to fight on your behalf.

You can download Kitty Letter from the App store or the play store.

spell tower

In SpellTower, letters rise from the bottom of the screen and you have to put words together as quickly as possible. Every word you make eliminates the used letters, and if a letter reaches the top of your screen, the game ends. It’s like Tetris in that regard. There are also 10 other game modes, including search mode, where you try to find the longest word using specific letters.

You can download SpellTower from the App store or the play store. You can also get it at apple arcade. There’s a subscription fee for the service, but you’ll get this and other games ad-free and with in-app purchases already unlocked.

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