Can I take a driving license loan?

Many online forums often ask: can I get a driving license? It should be noted, however, that the questioner is sometimes involved in two different matters. Some want to know if a driving license as a document is enough to borrow, while others just want to finance a driving license with a loan. We decided to check both of these issues.

What document when taking a loan?

What document when taking a loan?

An identity card is the basic and most important document in Poland. This is confirmed by law. In the Act on ID cards of August 6, 2010 (Journal of Laws 2010 No. 167 item 1131) in art. 4 paragraph 1 clearly states that it is the ID card that is the paper that can be used to prove the identity of a specific person. It is also a confirmation that this person has Polish citizenship. An identity card issued in Poland is valid not only in our country, but also abroad. This applies not only to the territory of the European Union. In other words, thanks to your ID card, we can prove that we are who we claim to be. Meanwhile, the driving license, as mentioned above, only confirms that we have the right to drive a motor vehicle on public roads.

The above statements mean one thing: a driving license cannot replace an ID card when applying for a non-bank loan (similarly, in the case of a bank loan). We will not borrow money from any financial institution without an ID card.

However, it is worth considering why someone would like to replace their ID card with a driving license when applying for a loan. It is probably about the situation that the ID card has been lost or stolen, and we urgently need to borrow money. If you lose your ID, you must revoke it as soon as possible in person at the commune office or online. Unfortunately, we can borrow money only after obtaining a new document.

A slightly different case is when we have a damaged ID card. Loan applications are made at a distance, so you can enter data from such ID card.

An identity card is needed when you take out a loan for one more reason. The data recorded from such a document are compared with the data received along with the verification transfer.

Loan for a driving license course

Loan for a driving license course

A completely different question is whether you can take a driving license loan in the sense of taking a course and getting permission to drive. Before we get to that, it’s worth checking the costs of getting a driving license.

It’s good to know that the final cost of completing a driving course includes several fees. Before we even start the course, you need to do a medical examination, which costs PLN 200. You will also need a photo for your driving license, for which we will pay at least PLN 40. However, the most expensive is the driving course itself. Prices may vary here and start from PLN 2,000. In big cities it can be much more expensive. After completing the course, you still need to pass the theoretical (PLN 30) and practical (PLN 140) exams. As a result, the total cost of driving licenses can be between 2,500 and 3,000 PLN.

The costs associated with a driving license course can be easily financed with a quick non-bank loan.

The costs associated with a driving license course can be easily financed with a <a href=quick non-bank loan.” />

All because such a commitment can be made for any purpose. The lender never asks what the borrower wants to spend his money on. It is worth remembering to borrow a slightly larger sum, because it may happen that you will need to take the exam several times (which we do not wish anyone!), And this generates additional costs.

Let’s summarize: you cannot take out a loan without an ID card, using only your driving license, but you can easily use the loan to finance your driving license course.

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