Are you done with today’s word? Then try these 10 online word games.

So far, 2022 is the year of Wordle, the word puzzle sensation where you get six guesses to find a new five-letter word every day. the original Wordle game is free and easy to use on any mobile or desktop browser, but there is a limit of only one puzzle per day.

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If you have already solved today’s Wordle, there are many other word games you can play to practice tomorrow. We’ve rounded up ten adjoining Wordle games you can play online, from classics to new-school options with cutting-edge game modes. Almost all of them are free and your verbal brain will be challenged in various ways.

1) Master of Words

First in our list of Wordle-inspired games is master of words, which is the same idea as Wordle, but without the limit of one puzzle per day. You can Wordle over and over again to your heart’s content.

2) Letterle

Letterle is inspired by Wordle and has an ironic twist: what if you guessed just one letter? For a fun twist, try to guess only the wrong letters for as long as possible.

3) Words with friends

The Magilla Gorilla of all-time word games is Scrabble, and the Words With Friends clone is now in its nth iteration. correct different enough to avoid a lawsuit. Play the hugely popular grid game by downloading the app (available for both android and iOS devices).

4) Scrabble GO

Speaking of Scrabble, the classic word game now has an official app (available for both android and iOS devices) which also includes plenty of side quests and new game modes to keep things interesting. Add friends to play against or choose random opponents.

5) Babble Royale

Babble Royale is one of the most interesting things to emerge in the word game space in a while. It’s a form of Scrabble battle where you’re dropped into a board with a number of other players, and instead of shooting or battling, you beat them by hooking your words to theirs. You can download the game for free for Mac or PC machines on Steam.

6) Brain

Wordle has mechanics inspired by games like the classic board game Mastermind, and you can play a version of it here free. In Mastermind, you guess a sequence of colored balls and receive the same kind of feedback as in Wordle.

7) Alphaours

Alphabear and Alphabear 2 are adorable mobile games where you find and spell words to add to your collection of adorable bears. In turn, the bears improve your stats and help you increase your scores as you progress through the levels. You can download the app for android Where iOS devices.

8) Bookworm

Bookworm is an iconic web game from around two decades ago, but the original is still great. Spell words using adjacent tiles, but beware of the hot red tiles – if they reach the bottom of the grid, you lose. You can play it for free online here.

9) Bananagrams

Bananagrams is a table game, but you can play this version online on a computer or laptop. Using a set of tiles you have in your hand, you must spell valid crosswords.

10) The New York Times‘ Spelling bee

the New York Times’ spelling game is one of the social media sensations of years past, with her own custom bee hashtag and all. In the game, you have a hexagonal grid of seven letters and must spell as many words as possible, aspiring to the rank “Genie”. The top is the pangram for each day, that is, a word that uses the seven letters.

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