All-time favorite word games you can play online

We all love board games and the shenanigans that follow every game. Often organized during happy family events, the games are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Word games, in particular, are a fun way to spend time with your family and learn while playing them. These build your vocabulary and are extremely popular among parents for their children to play and learn.

If you love playing word games more than anyone and can’t wait for your group to get together until the next party, we have a suggestion for you. Try to play them online. You will not only enjoy playing it, but you will also make a lot of like-minded friends.

Here are some suggestions for playing your favorite word games online:


The world has two kinds of people – those who does crosswords and those who don’t. All crossword geeks are grateful for this invention and spend most of their free time playing crossword puzzles online. Available as mobile apps or live online sessions, you no longer need to carry the daily newspaper or the “1000 Crossword Book” everywhere with you. From small to big crossword puzzles, and from beginner to difficult levels, all age groups can access this amazing vocabulary improvement game.

Word Search Puzzle

As a child, didn’t you love to find words all messed up and placed horizontally or diagonally in a big square box? We completed all of the word search puzzles on the backs of our notebooks or on brochures in restaurants. If you want to continue and carry on the tradition, there are plenty of word search puzzles available on various mobile apps and websites. It’s also a great way to increase your children’s attention and focus while simultaneously increasing their vocabulary.


Oh, good old scrabble! Needless to say, scrabble has been and always will be the most popular word game around the world. Playing this popular online game uses a different grip and provides exciting thresholds to pass the levels. You can also use a cheat tool in case you feel a little mean on these difficult levels. Among all word finder tools available online, participants make maximum use of Scrabble cheat sheets. After all, who doesn’t like to win? Compete online against the computer or other players to pass as many levels as possible and unlock your vocabulary.


Taboo has recently been very popular with almost every band playing there. In this game, players are divided into two teams and are given a card with a main word. The main word has four or five other words or phrases. The objective of the game is to explain the main word to your teammate without using the sentences listed at the bottom.

Many websites offer a list of words along with its clues with a timer for teams to guess. They have a graphical format that allows players to access words and switch to another smoothly. You can also play this game online with other players.

Scrambled words

Scrambled words are basically scrambled words that must be sorted to make sense. A row of scattered letters is provided and the letters should be deciphered and formed into a relevant word or create as many words as possible. Playing scramble words online is a joyful experience with timed games, increasing levels, and extremely well-designed user interfaces. The timer adds to the excitement of word building, making your game more joyful.

Log in word

Matching the letters and connecting them to form a word was another famous game we played in school that we would like to pass on to our children. A simple but fun way to learn and improve concentration; word connect is available on websites and mobile apps with countless levels and is arguably the best way to spend time.


Even though it balances art and words equally, Pictionary can still be classified as a play on words. More and more people are abandoning the old way of playing as a board game or with physical cards and turning to online gambling. You can either take clues from specific Pictionary websites for your team to play at a party, or play online with random opponents.

Word games not only teach kids new things with every play, but they also sharpen older minds. Now you can enjoy your favorite word games online with visually appealing graphics and nice sound effects to go along with it.

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