5 word games to try while waiting for tomorrow’s puzzle

If you are active on Twitter, then chances are you’ve seen people posting colorful blocks and weird “wordle” scores every day. No, it’s not a joke or a cryptic message – it’s wordle. This free website play on words randomly selects a five-letter word that everyone guesses in six chances. It’s incredibly addictive for many fans, but the game only allows one puzzle per day. So here are some similar puns to try while you wait for tomorrow. wordle puzzle.

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It’s not web-based wordlebut a different and unrelated pun. wordlethe viral web-browser game with no exclamation at the end of the name, was created by Josh Wardle in November 2021. Meanwhile, Wordle! (note the exclamation mark) is a mobile app game developed by Steven Cravotta five years ago.

In Wordle!, players are given a bank of four, five, six or seven letters, as well as a time limit. They must use the letters provided to find a word before time runs out. The more words they create, the higher the score.

‘Type change’

Change of type is another simple yet addictive mobile game. Players are given a grid of squares filled with jumbled letters, similar to a crossword puzzle layout.

The goal is to slide the columns up and down to find new letters and create words. When players find a word, the row or column turns green. To win the round, players must turn the entire grid green. Luckily, there are crossword-type clues if someone gets stuck.

“Words Between Friends”

The famous Scrabble alternative, Words between friends, has been around for over a decade – you can’t go wrong with this one. Players are matched with friends or strangers online, and each person must use a bank of letters to create words on a game board. Different letters have different point values, as well as spots on the board.

Players take turns creating words until all of their tiles are used up and there are none left to take. At the end of the match, the person with the highest score wins. Words between friends is available on mobile devices, Facebook and Kindle Fire. This is a great option if you prefer to play a word game with others.


Absurd is, as creator GNTM notes, “a contradictory take on Josh Wardle’s excellent wordle.” In this wordle tribute game, the object is pretty much the same: guess the secret five-letter word. However, there are unlimited guesses, and there is a tricky trap – Absurd does not want players to win.

Absurd will go so far as to change the secret word when someone approaches the answer. It does this by choosing a huge bucket of words that don’t match the word you’re looking for. Basically, the goal is to force the game to settle for one word from a smaller bucket. The twist is sure to keep players busy for a while.

‘Letter from the cat’

Finally, there’s a pun where the words literally pack a punch. In kitty letter, players decipher the words of a small wheel. Then those words turn into an army of cats that can blast enemies. Players can compete against friends or strangers or try out the single-player story mode.

Fans can find the daily wordle puzzle here.

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