5 Sites to Create Your Own Custom Word Games and Logic Puzzles

Do you know what’s more fun than playing word games and logic puzzles? Create your own games to test friends and strangers, which you can do with these free websites.

Puzzles have been scientifically proven to be good for your brain in a variety of ways, including boosting memory, improving problem-solving skills, and improving your mood. The next step in the journey is to create your own games and quizzes. And it’s easier than ever with several free sites offering ways to create your own custom jigsaw puzzle.

1. my word (Web): create your own word game

My Wordle lets anyone create custom five- or six-letter Wordle puzzles to challenge your friends

Who knew a simple 5-letter pun would take the internet by storm? But Wordle has gone viral, with people posting their daily scores as emojis on all types of social media. Well, now you can create your own Wordle to test your friends with this simple app.

Visit the webpage and you’ll be prompted to enter a 5 or 6 letter word, which will then generate a custom URL that you can share with your friends. In fact, the rest of the rules are the same as Wordle. Recipients must guess the correct word in five attempts (or six in the case of a six-letter word). Wrong letters turn gray, correct letters turn yellow if on the wrong tile and green if on the right tile.

Like the original, the app also generates shareable emojis of your winning spin. You can view your solve percentage statistics at any time, as long as you use the same browser each time. And no one needs to register to use the site.


2. ProProfs (Web): create your own word games for free

ProProfs offers a series of great tools for creating your own word games and puzzles, especially for students

ProProfs is a simple website for creating your own word games that anyone can play. Unlike several other free online puzzle makers, ProProfs doesn’t limit the number of puzzles you can create at once or the number of people who can play them.

Currently, you can create seven types of puzzles on ProProfs:

  1. Word search: List all the words you want, set a time limit, and give it a description for participants to start their word search.
  2. Crossword: Simply add the desired word and the corresponding clue. ProProfs will determine the placement of the tiles.
  3. Sliding puzzle: Add an image, choose the number of pieces to break down, and ProProfs will create an online sliding puzzle where players untangle the jumbled piece.
  4. Jigsaw: A standard puzzle maker where you can add the original image.
  5. Executioner: Add a list of words for a hangman’s five chance word.
  6. Word scramble: Add a word and a clue for players to solve an anagram and guess the original
  7. Mind games: A multimedia quiz where you can add an image and a text question (along with a hint) and then an image and text answer.

While the variety is great, ProProfs doesn’t offer much in-game customization. It’s probably ideal for teachers to create games for students rather than adults trying to challenge other adults.

3. maze generator (Web): Create a custom maze as big as you want

Maze Generator lets you create a maze as big and as difficult as you want, which you can also print

Who doesn’t love solving a maze puzzle? It’s one of those activities that you start doing as a kid and can continue to do as an adult. But naturally, you want it to be more difficult. Maze Generator will allow you to create a custom maze as big and as difficult as you want.

Four main factors determine the difficulty and size of your maze. Columns and rows define the width and height of the maze. In general, a 20×20 grid is moderately difficult for an adult, but if you really want to challenge yourself, try a 50×50 grid. Next, choose your entry and exit points (corners, left and right, or top and bottom).

The fourth point of difficulty comes with bias, which determines how the maze walls will be laid. So, for example, if you want an animated challenge, you can set top and bottom entries, a horizontal bias, and really increase the columns. Additionally, you can customize the background color, maze color, and wall thickness. And yes, you can download and print it for free.

Crossword Hobbyist is the best crossword maker on the internet, allowing you to automatically generate a puzzle or create it manually as you wish

While ProProfs lets you do your own word search or crossword puzzle, it’s a really basic version that doesn’t offer much customization. The best word game makers on the internet are My Word Search (MWS) and Crossword lover (CH), both from the same developers. They’re free for 30 days, after which you’ll need to purchase a premium version (but there’s a discount for buying them together).

MWS has some really cool options, like choosing different puzzle shapes like flower, snowman, spiral, and other shapes outside of the usual square. You can set the size of the puzzle and the directions in which the words will appear. Once that’s set, just add your wordlist and you’re good to go.

Crossword Hobbyist creates crosswords in two ways. You can type your words and clues and automatically organize them for you, or you can set a grid and type directly into it. Registered users can also save their progress in any crossword, which is essential for crossword enthusiasts. You will also be able to preview your crossword puzzles as you create them and adjust them on the go.

5. PuzzleScript (Web): Create Your Own Sokoban-like Tile Puzzle Game

PuzzleScript is a free and simple game engine for creating custom tile-based puzzle games like Sokoban

Sokoban is one of Japan’s oldest and most popular puzzle video games. The simple puzzle is about the player pushing crates into their designated place in a warehouse, but each level makes it harder. With PuzzleScript, anyone can create their own version of a Sokoban-like tile-based puzzle game with little or no coding knowledge.

Check the PuzzleScript How To section to learn the basic commands for all the ways your player can interact with the tile. It’s a fairly simple way to move crates by pushing or pulling, which you can then use in the PuzzleScript editor. The engine also adds some extra game features like eyeball, block, sumo wrestler, sprite, cat and fruit. Use them however you want to create a custom game.

You can check out the gallery of games made with the PuzzleScript engine for inspiration and even import their code to get started as a base for your game. This is one of the easiest ways to create your own puzzle video game for free.

Don’t be too smart

Whether you’re doing a crossword puzzle or a maze, it’s tempting to try and do the hardest logic puzzle to challenge your players. But resist that and instead choose a lower difficulty level than you think your players will enjoy. The key to making a great puzzle is not to make it impossible to solve but solvable after some thought and effort.

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