Word games continue to be popular pastimes and provide a great opportunity for lighthearted competition among family and friends. Wordle is perhaps the most popular word game to become popular in recent years. Created by software engineer and former Reddit employee Josh Wardle and launched in October 2021, Wordle wasRead More →

AYESHA RASCOE, HOST: And it’s time to play the puzzle. (MUSIC SOUND EXTRACTION) RASCOE: Will Shortz is joining us. He is Puzzle Editor of The New York Times and Puzzle Master of WEEKEND EDITION. It’s good to talk to you, Will. WILL SHORTZ, BYLINE: Hello, Ayesha. RASCOE: So remind usRead More →

On-Air Challenge: I’m going to give you two 4-letter words. Rearrange the letters of one of them to get a synonym for the other. Which word is the synonym and which is the anagram is up to you to find out. Ex. SOUP WORK –> OPUS (anagram of “soup”, synonymRead More →

Word nerds and letter lovers definitely have the App Store for games to keep their erudite brains engaged. Whether it’s Words with Friends or Zynga’s Scrabble, the plethora of word games available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will keep even the most erudite word smiths busy on the goRead More →

When New York-based Josh Wardle published his word-based puzzle, wordleto the public in October 2021, he never imagined he had created a global sensation. Far from it, with the software engineer, originally from the UK, telling Newsweek his original goal was simply to “create a game that my partner wouldRead More →