Zach Gage has done it again! TypeShift is the challenging, mind-bending, vocabulary-expanding kind of word game that helps demonstrate why Gage has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful mobile game developers around. Likely to captivate crossword connoisseurs and crossword aficionados alike, TypeShift is one of the bestRead More →

It seems that word games have grown in popularity over the years. They are a fun and easy way to entertain yourself. But did you know they can also help keep your brain healthy? “My idea about these types of puns is that if you enjoy them and they challengeRead More →

Forget Elden Ring or Lego Star Wars, word games are what all the cool kids are playing these days. The colossal success of Wordle has made the alphabet the most popular since grade school, as evidenced by the legion of games like Wordle that have popped up on the internetRead More →

Playing a word game is a bit like writing: to be good, you need either a good vocabulary or a mastery of the thesaurus. As such, writing about puns is kind of an annoyance. I feel like everything I type here is going to come under scrutiny, which makes meRead More →